Friday, May 1, 2015

Until the Harvest by Sarah Loudin Thomas - my review

Until the Harvest by Sarah Loudin Thomas is an awesome read, set in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia , in the 70's. The author takes us back to the town of Wise, where everyone knows everything about everyone else, or thinks that they do. Until the Harvest is part of the Appalachian Blessings series, but can also be read as a stand-alone book.

 Margaret takes care of her younger sister, Mayfair, taking her with her to work.  Margaret works as a helper for an elderly lady named Emily, who has a grandson named Henry. When Margaret and Henry meet at his grandmother's house, she is not so sure if she likes him, although he and Mayfair strike up an immediate friendship.  Mayfair, a diabetic, with a heart of gold, and a unique gift that makes her a big interest to others. Henry, a young man who loves to play the fiddle, gets himself mixed up with the wrong kind of people when his father passes away.  Margaret and Henry soon find themselves depending on each other though as troubles arise for both. This book has a bit of action, mystery, love, farming, and enough prayers to be called spiritual. One of my favorite parts is when Henry takes Margaret to see his father's tombstone, absolutely LOVED what is inscribed on it! I won't tell you what it says, I will let you read that for yourselves as it is truly a blessing.

The author has done a beautiful job of setting the scene to take the reader back in time to when things were different, and although had it's own share of troubles, was still a bit simpler.  I enjoyed this visit to Wise, West Virginia and all the characters that I met along the way.

I received an ARC (advanced readers copy) from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review, be it good or bad. Thank you.

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