Saturday, January 23, 2016

21 Seconds To Change Your World by Mark Rutland - my review

21 Seconds To Change Your World : Finding God's Healing and Abundance Through Prayer by Mark Rutland  is a powerful book showing a new way to look at The Lord's Prayer and the 23rd Psalm. The author shows how using the two of these daily can restore your soul.

Examining both and who they came from as well, Jesus and David and how they relate to each other. He goes in to an in depth study of both, I enjoyed reading this book and can't wait to give it a try in my own life. For I know that prayers are answered, miracles can and still do happen. What better way to pray then how Jesus taught us?

I highly recommend this book
I received an ARC (advanced readers copy) from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Natural Hair Coloring by Christine Shahin Wood - my review

Natural Hair Coloring: How to Use Henna and Other Pure Herbal Pigments for Chemical-Free Beauty by  Christine Shahin Wood is a great book telling ways to safely color your hair using natural ingredients vs chemicals.

With Chapters titled...

Why Color Your Hair?
Basic Understanding of Hair Coloring
The Four Pure Herbal Colorants
How To Use Herbal Colorants
Wrap Styles
How To Take Care Of Hair Colored With Herbal Pigments
Frequently Asked Questions

The author covers everything, telling how to use natural ingredients and your natural hair color to get the color desired. Coloring your hair doesn't have to be done with chemicals, I'm glad to learn this!!

I started graying early (in my late 20's) way to young to look so old! I started using over the counter hair colors to cover my gray, but totally dislike the chemicals and what they are doing to my hair. I'm a lot older than that now, which means that I have been using chemicals for way to long on my hair! I was VERY HAPPY to see this book, and can't wait to try a more natural approach to covering up my gray, which I still don't want.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that colors their hair or is thinking of coloring their hair.
Look for this book on the shelves in May 2016

I received an ARC (advanced reader's copy) from NetGallery in exchange for my honest review.