Sunday, February 12, 2017

Still Missing by Chevy Stevens - my review

 Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

This was a book I set up and read late into the night until finished.

Annie tells her story of being kidnapped, held captive in a cabin, and raped almost nightly for a year. We are reading her story and what took place as she tells it to her therapist.  The Freak is someone you will easily grow to despise.

Luke the perfect boyfriend, who everyone wishes for. Gary the cop, she grows a little to close to.

Then finding out in the end who was behind this abduction, how shocking and heartbreaking for Annie. The boyfriend, Luke, best friend Christina, Mom, step-dad, an Uncle who has spent a lot of his lifetime in prison. Could it be one of them, if so which one would be so cruel?

I enjoyed this book tremendously.

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