Monday, November 5, 2012

Church Signs & Books

I always admire the creativity of the people that come up with the great Church signs. You know the ones I'm talking about , the kind that stand out and will really get your attention.

So I knew when I saw this book The Church Sign by Anne Robey-Graham I just had to read it!  As I also love books and to read ! This one was an Ebook form that I read on my tablet. LOVE LOVE LOVE my tablet and the Ebooks!!!

Has a bit of romance, mystery, and Christianity all rolled into one book. With colorful characters, and several twists and turns it was enough to keep me interested and anxiously waiting to see what the next page would bring. Anne Robey-Graham does an excellent job of sharing the message of prayer and forgiveness.  I would recommend this book for family and friends it!

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