Friday, August 26, 2016

The Wish by Beverly Lewis - my review

The Wish by Beverly Lewis is another awesome Amish story told by one of the best Amish story writers, in my opinion.

A story of close friendship between two girls, Leona and Gloria, that feel as sisters and wish that they were. Even after Arkansas Joe, Gloria's father moves her family far away in the middle of the night, they find their way back to each other and their friendship, and wishes start coming true.

Gloria is torn between her family and the world, English ways, or what her heart tells her is right, the Amish way of life that they lived before leaving Lancaster County. Torn between and old Amish beau, Orchid John and a new English boyfriend Darren, which will win her heart.

When Gloria contacts Leona, to come for a visit, she decides to go, praying that she can help her sister/friend. While her beau, Tom wonders if he should be concerned because Leona is going so far away to visit Gloria and her family who are now English.

I highly recommend this to anyone that loves the Amish stories, or is a Beverly Lewis fan, you will not be disappointed.

I received an ARC (advanced readers copy) from the publisher Bethany House and NetGallery in exchange for my honest review.

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