Saturday, July 30, 2016

Angels by Jack Graham - my review

Angels : Who They Are, What They Do, and Why It Matters by Jack Graham is an interesting book on the topic of Angels.  I always loved the TV show - Touched By An Angel starring Roma Downey, which showed guardian angels always helping people. Roma Downey writes a beautiful forward to this book as well.

The author uses scripture as well as true life stories to explain Angels and who they are and what their purpose is in this book. Broken up in four parts,
1. The Wisdom of Angels as You Start the Journey
2. The Protection of Angels as You Sustain Life's Blows
3. The Encouragement of Angels as You Soar on Eagle's Wings
4. The Presence of Angels as You Stay the Course With Christ

No we shouldn't idolize them, but LEARN from them. As they watch over us, protect us, and teach us to worship God! I loved this book and highly recommend it to others who also would like to learn more about Angels.

I received a FREE copy from Bethany House in exchange for my HONEST review, rather it be bad or good.

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