Monday, March 21, 2016

Who Are You to Judge by Erwin W. Lutzer

Who Are You to Judge?: Learning to Distinguish Between Truths, Half-Truths, and Lies by Erwin W. Lutzer shows how to judge according to God's word, without being judgmental. 

Today's world says so many things are ok that God says plainly in His  word isn't ok. The question is who do you listen to? The world or the word of God? As for me, I want to make Heaven my home, this world is just a stopping place until HE calls me to come home. So I will follow His word, the Holy Bible, to lead me on the path to home. 

With Chapters titled..
 1.  Why Are We Afraid To Judge?
 2.  Judge Not,That You Not Be Judged
 3.  When You Judge Doctrine
 4.  When Judge False Prophets
 5.  When You Judge Miracles
 6.  When You Judge Entertainment
 7.  When You Judge Appearances
 8.  When You Judge Neopaganism
 9.  When You Judge Ghost, Angels, and Shrines
10. When You Judge Conduct
11. When You Judge Character

Pastor Lutzer explains, using Biblical scriptures, what God has to say on each of these subjects compared to what the world has to say on them. 

Some of my favorite quotes from this book are...
"The love with in the church attracts the world; the holiness within the church convicts the world." page 29
"Even Jesus did not change the world through miracles but through HIS suffering." page 97 
"Let's ask ourselves some hard questions: Are we satisfied with the way we spend our time last year? Let's evaluate the return of our investment for the number of hours we sat in front of the television set during the last twelve months. Did the time spent make us a better person?  Did it improve our character? Imagine what we would be like if we had spend all that time, say, reading our Bible" page 134
"We must clean up our own act before we can help others" page 135 
"Yes, as have learned, there are times when we must judge, but let us be sure to judge ourselves first" page 207 

You may not agree with everything the author has to say, but I personally think he brings across some very great points taken from the Bible, that show us how to judge without being judgmental. Showing how we should live according to the word of God. 

I highly recommend this book to all Christians 
I received a FREE copy from Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest review, rather it be good or bad. Thank you for allowing me to read and review this book, it is one I will be returning to again. 

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