Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Visiting the Civil war...

Just finished reading Grits and Glory (Plantation Shadows Book 1) by Haley Whitehall, couldn't wait to turn the pages to see what was going to happen to Peter Warren next. This is an interesting book about the civil war, from the soldier's viewpoint. My heartbeat quickened as I found I could almost hear the hidden door of the secret room in Jack's house and the noise it made when slid back. I could feel Peter's fear has he hid in this dark room. Haley Whitehall has done a fantastic job of taking me back into the civil war and I feel as if I have truly experienced it myself. This book has made me understand even more what my gg-grandfathers went through as they left home as young boys / men to fight this war.  I found myself with tears in my eyes at several points.  Can't wait for the next book in this series to see what Peter decides to do.  Will he take the captain up on his offer and stay alive, or will he die with honor.

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