Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The 20th Christmas by Andrea Rodgers - my review

I just finished reading The 20th Christmas by Andrea Rodgers and have to tell you about it!
WOW! What a heartwarming inspirational story. I cried my way through this book as I could easily feel the emotions that Arianna felt when her son, Chase 22 months old, was first kidnapped right before Christmas. She keeps her faith that he is alive somewhere, that God is watching out for him, as she keeps praying to see him again. The author does a fabulous job with this story making you feel the emotions of each and everyone involved. As I tried to put myself in the position of each of these three ladies, Arianna, Lydia, and yes even Lacey the kidnapper, who has for years been homeless, suffering from mental illness, and has a substance abuse problem, my heart broke for all of them. And of course Chase and everyone else that was close to him in anyway.  Andrea Rodgers shows how God can make something beautiful come from something so tragic in this awesome story of faith, love, and forgiveness. An inspirational touching book that grabbed me from the first page.

I  highly recommend this book, stock up on kleenix, and allow plenty of time because it is one of those you want to finish in one sitting!

I received a free copy of this book from Ambassador International in exchange for my honest review rather it be good or bad. Thank you.

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